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Traditional Video Production

Summersby Production offers traditional video production services with videography and editing for promotional, brands, storytellers, live events, theatre productions and beyond. 


With our ever-growing inventory of high-quality equipment and software, we are ready to work with you to bring your vision to life. We provide many services from editing your raw footage into a video that supports your vision, capturing footage for you with videography work, or helping you with the full pre-production development stage to post-production and distributing stages.

Virtual & Live Choir and Performance Production

Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was introduced to the importance of virtual storytelling and performances. Summersby Productions worked with choirs and musical theatre productions to bring their productions to a virtual setting.  


From fully staged productions and choirs singing separately from their home wanting to come together on screen, we offer full technical support, high-quality video editing & audio mixing to give your virtual audience the best virtual production from their home. 


As the arts move back into live productions, consider Summersby Production for event and production records to capture your work to remember for a lifetime.

Audition Tape Services


We will come to your location with our high-quality camera and lighting equipment and turn any room into a professional-looking setting for your audition. The service includes a camera operator, reader and an editor, so you can focus on booking the role, all within a quick turnaround time.

Creative Consulting and Directing

Using our knowledge from working and creating award-winning productions, we are ready to work with you to develop or direct your production or creative project. If you need help with a concept to further present elsewhere or want us to join your already developed work, contact us on how we can assist you in your creative venture.

Interested in a service? Contact us for a quote!

If you have any inquiries about a service that isn't listed, please reach out and let's brainstorm

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